Beautiful Islay Images by Keith Faulks

Yesterday Keith Faulks sent me an image of a magnificent Islay sunset which he took a couple of weeks ago at Loch Indaal. Keith and his wife Christina visited Islay in June this year and again in early October. Christina's father was born on Islay but left during the 2nd World War and she still has family on the island, that's why she is a regular visitor since her youth. When I contacted Keith and asked him if I could publish his Loch Indaal sunset on my photo blog he agreed and sent me even more images and they are wonderful. Keith told me they had a fantastic time on Islay and the weather had treated them with some glorious days, as you see from the beautiful images. All the more reason to share them with the other readers.

Silhouette of Bowmore Distillery

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Sunset at Loch Indaal

Colonsay and Mull

Empty beach at Killinallan Point

Clouds over Loch Indaal

Low Tide at Loch Gruinart

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