Beautiful 2010 Whisky Calendar

Already a while back I received a press release and it was patiently waiting in my mailbox for the right time to come. The right time because it's about a calendar for 2010, a very special one, made by two guys from Finland who visited Scotland and spent time on Islay as well. The calendar shows some extraordinary photography from whisky distilleries in Scotland and eight out of twelve image in the calendar are from Islay's distilleries, well done I should say. Now if you want to get yourself or a friend a really special calendar for 2010, it could be a perfect christmas gift, read the following press release and visit the link provided:

It’s a tale of epic proportions. It’s the tale of what happens when two guys with only one thing on their mind travel to the holy land of their fantasies. It’s the tale of two guys, two cameras, 15 scotch distilleries - and a whole lot of whisky. The result is nothing short of extraordinary. The Spirits of Scotland calendar is a new way to enjoy whisky when the dram just isn’t enough. It covers twelve of the absolutely best distilleries on our planet and your favourite is surely among them. We believe these images will warm your heart at least as much as the whisky in that dram! We are proud to announce our new calendar 'The Spirits of Scotland 2010' as well as our new website The calendar will be available for all lovers of whisky in every corner of the globe. We´ll be delighted to hear from you, so please be in contact! The calendar is for sale on their website for €12,90 or £11,64 at or you can send them an email at

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