A Beautiful Beach and Hill Walk on Islay

Islay has almost endless opportunities for walking and spending time in the beautiful nature. There is however one walk that I like best and that's the walk from Kilchoman Beach to Grannies Rock and further up the hill towards Kilchiaran Farm, providing the weather is kind! The great thing about this walk is that the track roughly follows the Atlantic Ocean, the stunning views over the sea and back to Machir Bay are constantly changing and as you go higher up the hill, always gradually, the views get more and more impressive. The rocks are a perfect habitat for Chough so you might spot some of these remarkable birds and the Ocean is also great for birdwatching. When you are all the way up the hill the track goes down again to Kilchiaran Farm and Kilchiaran Bay. Read more about this beautiful walk on our Islay walks pages or in a previous walk report

The beautiful view of Machir Bay from the track to Grannies Rock

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