BBC Springwatch comes to Islay

When spring arrives Bill Oddie (picture right from BBC), Kate Humble and Simon King present a show on BBC television about Britain's wildlife. They also have their own Springwatch farm in Devon and their goal is to bring live animal action on television. I personally love his tv shows, especially the series Bill Oddie goes wild, Bill Oddie is at his best when he is out on his own in the wilderness. Simon King has worked out of the BBC's Natural History Unit since 1992 and won a BAFTA for his camerawork on Life in the Freezer. Simon also has a personal website called Simon King Wildlife.

For their new series, starting 28th May, the team will come to Islay as well. At the time of writing it is not sure if Bill Oddie and Kate Humble come to Islay. Simon King, their cameraman and presenter, will be on Islay this spring, filming Golden Eagles, Otters, Hares, Choughs and more..

If you like to stay up to date on Springwatch and the team you can download a Mini Oddie for your PC.

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Sunday, 11 March 2007
Neither Bill nor Kate are expected to visit here and certainly not during the three weeks of the programme being broadcast. They will be sitting in the usual barn on the Devon farm trying to persuade the badgers to appear before they go off air each evening (!), while Simon King will be based on Islay. He was here for a week last month and will be back before the programmes start.

Bill has, of course, been here a number of times - I chatted to him on film the last time he was here doing a programme, but it wasn't used!