Counting Down for BBC Autumnwatch on Islay

In June 2007 the team of BBC Springwatch had their first live coverage from Islay and they brought the Islay Wildlife and scenery to millions of homes in the UK. It was a fabulous way to promote the island and the BBC found out what we already knew, if you come to Islay once you're bound to come back. That's one of the 35,001 reasons why BBC Autumnwatch is coming to Islay. The other 35,000 reasons are the Geese who have arrived on Islay early October.

The BBC Autumnwatch show is now well underway, last Friday evening was the fourth episode presented by Chris Packham, Michaela Strachan and Martin Hughes-Games. They broadcasted from the National Arboretum at Westonbirt in the south-west of England to show us what's happening in nature in that part of the UK. Now the excitement is building up because the team is coming to Islay. Autumnwatch Presenter Michaela Strachan wrote on Twitter that she is now heading to Islay for the Geese and I understand that Becky Steele, she is doing camera work and chooses the locations, is already on Islay together with Lindsay McCrae. A while ago Becky wrote on Twitter: "Islay is throwing up some lovely stories for @BBCAutumnwatch! The arrival of the geese & hopefully hunting Merlins!" Just after she arrived on the island for the first time she tweeted: "Sparrowhawk sneaking up on twite & linnet flocks, ravens mobbing buzzards within 2 mins of arriving at location.... Islay - will be amazing!"

This week will probably see more people from the BBC on Islay, they work closely together with the local staff from the RSPB. By the end of this week we can hopefully all enjoy a wonderful episode of BBC Autumnwatch from Islay. Let's hope the weather will be kind for the camera crew and others! In the meanwhile you can follow the team on twitter or via their website. I have also created a handy Twitter list with all the Autumnwatch team members here:

BBC Autumnwatch will be broadcasted live on BBC2, Friday 4 November at 20:30

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