Barn Owl Webcam Islay

In between all the people that gather to visit their favourite distilleries, the several ceilidhs on the island and all the other activities of the Islay Festival one could easily forget that there are a lot of other very interesting things happening on the island. How about a couple of barn owls that can be seen live through the Owl Webcam somewhere on the Rhinns of Islay? The webcams are installed by the Islay Natural History Trust, same as last year. Here is the story so far:

The 2009 Owl Cam season: For this second year of our owl cam, we now have two much smaller cameras than before, giving a better view of the whole box as well as higher resolution pictures. We have left the two old cameras in place and these can be seen as circular glowing lights. The images should be in colour during the daytime and in black and white in the evening and at night. Latest news - 30th April 2009. The owl laid six eggs this year, starting in late March, and two young have hatched in the last few days.

It's a bit difficult sometimes to spot all the fluffy youngsters but from what I have seen there are now three chicks that hatched and I'm not sure what happened to the other eggs. It's best to have a look for yourself at the Owl Cam, it can be very entertaining at times!

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