Ballinaby Standing Stone Video

The Ballinaby Standing Stone(s) can be found on Islay's west coast, north of Loch Gorm. Although the (south) stone is quite large, I never would have imagined that someone would be able to make a video of more than eight minutes of it. But someone did and it's now online on Youtube. The author of the video, the same person who did the Kildalton Cross video, wrote the following about this impressive standing stone: "This huge standing stone, nearly 18 feet tall, has been given not undue attention as an astroarchaeological contender, marking the major lunar standstill setting behind a notch in the skyline one-and-half miles to the northwest. Alexander Thom thought this to be "one of the most convincing single stone observing sites in Britain." Aubrey Burl commented in his notes how this "is clearly aligned towards two conspicuous crags" which Thom described. An image of the relationship is highlighted in Mackie's Megalith Builders"

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