Ballinaby and Port Ellen Standing Stone - Which one is Taller?

I wrote an email to Christine Logan a couple of weeks ago and asked her which standing stone on Islay was taller, Ballinaby or Port Ellen. The reason for that was the picture she sent me of the standing stone at Ballinaby (below), which is a real giant. I have seen both stones but haven't been that close to them, just a couple of metres away to take a good picture. Before I explain who this friendly looking person in the pictures is I will give some more information about the stones in question.

Ballinaby standing stone(s) (NR220672) are located on the west coast of Islay, north-east of Saligo Bay and can be reached through the gate that leads to Saligo Bay. Follow the track that heads to Smaull farm and take a right at the sign that says "standing stones". Follow the track uphill and you can see the stones in front of you. The second stone, a smaller one, is located a couple of hundred metres behind the tall one to the north-east.

Port Ellen standing stone (NR372456) is located just outside Port Ellen. Take the main road to Ardbeg and turn left at the first road when you have passed the school. The stone is a couple of hundred metres from the main road on your right.

Christine was kind enough to contact a friend in Port Ellen called Duncan MacNeill, locally known as Cara, and he is the person in the picture. Duncan was interested and curious too, got out one day last week, measure the stone for me and found it to be 13' 7 1/2" = 4 metres 74 cms. This makes the Port Ellen stone slightly shorter than Ballinaby which is said to be just a little less than 5 metres. Thanks very much Duncan for taking the time and effort, much appreciated.

I think we can safely asume that Ballinaby is the tallest standing stone on Islay and perhaps even in Argyll, although the stones at Machrie Moor on Arran are very tall as well. I wonder if Christine has any friends on Arran :-)

Ballinaby Standing Stone and Christine Logan playing hobbit

Port Ellen Standing Stone doesn't look that impressive but is only
a few cms shorter than Ballinaby

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