Back from Islay

We made it home today after our perfect Islay Holiday. It was quite a shock to trade in the peaceful island life we became so easily used to, against the hustle and bustle of our wee hometown. If you have seen the movie "Local Hero", you know exactly what I mean. And on top of all that, we actually have rain today over here, something we hardly experienced on Islay. The island presented itself to us with endless days of sunshine, stunning sunsets and only one day of rain in three weeks. We are already missing the island and its people so much and we are glad to have met so many lovely people. It was good to see our "old friends", also made new ones and had a "blether" with so many others. Apologies to those we haven't met but that has got everything to do with the great weather we had.

All that remains now is a busload of wonderful memories, almost 2,000 pictures to sort, enough material for the website and blog and some healing midgie bites. Manuela already calles me the "midgie magnet". The highlights of our trip were the bushcraft/birding tour with Jeremy and Kenny, a trip with Arra's racing bath-tub through the Sound of Islay, the after sunset photo session with Mark and Helga at Saligo Bay, the Bluebells at Bridgend, numerous coffees at Debbies, sunset and seals at Port Wemyss and Portnahaven, a stunning sunset at Loch Gorm after the only rainy day, sea trout fishing at Loch Gruinart with Teresa and meeting up with so many friendly Ileach. I shall write more about our trip in the coming days and weeks and post a lot of new pictures too.

We already look forward to our next trip which will be somewhere in Autumn/Winter this year. Below are the first of many pictures I have taken....

Sunset after a rainy Sunday

Bluebells at the Bridgend Woods

After sunset at Saligo Bay with Mark

Beautiful sunset at Portnahaven

Racing the Sound of Islay with Arra

Between Bholsa and Gortantaoid with Jeremy and Kenny

Sea mist in the Sound of Islay seen from Jura on a warm day

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Tuesday, 27 May 2008
Welcome back Ron... looks like you had some great weather!

Islay... the gateway to JURA!


Tuesday, 27 May 2008
Hi Bruce, thanks. Good to hear from you :-) You are right, it has been super weather. Quite special to experience these kind of conditions so early in May and for so long as well. It makes everything even more beautiful. If we owe this kind of weather to climate change I think I can live with it ;-)

I'd rather be on Islay :-)