Autumn Islay Pictures

We quietly took off last week and headed for some warmer summer weather, hence the absense of any new blogs so time to make up for that. The weather over here has been too cold and too wet and it reminded us more of November than August, in fact we had the wettest summer on record. We did however find the warmer weather in the east of Germany where we had temps of 33c which was very hot so we are now happy again with our current 16c and changeable weather! Now that the summer is really over it's time for my favourite season, the autumn, and here is hoping that Autumn will bring us some beautiful golden sunny days and lovely coloured landscapes.

The first time we spent an autumn break on Islay it was magic as you can read from my travel report and more autumn trips followed. To get you in the mood for the, hopefully many, beautiful autumn days I'd like to share some Autumn images which I took in recent years of the beautiful colours Islay can present in the months ahead, and of course the arrival of the thousands of geese on the island in October.


Arriving Geese at Loch Indaal

Lighthouse between the bracken


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Autumn view of Heatherhouse

My Favourite Tree in Autumn

Rose Hip at Persabus

Autumn Skies

Arrival of the Geese at Loch Gruinart


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