Two Autumn Islay Panorama Pictures

Ever since I had changed from a windows laptop to a Macbook Air I had lost my favourite app to create panorama pictures and never really looked for a replacement. Funny enough a solution was so close but was always overlooked. I accidentally found out last weekend that creating panorama images with Photoshop works excellent, well almost that is. I guess we are never too old to learn right?

Anyway, now that there is a solution to create new Islay panorama pictures I immediately got to work and created two autumn panorama's from images I took a few years ago. The first one is a view from the Kilchoman road next to Rockmountain cottage looking north-west towards Sanaigmore. The second panorama is a view from Persabus farm looking towards the Paps of Jura.

Looking towards Sanaigmore from Kilchoman - Click image for large version

Looking towards the Paps of Jura from Persabus - Click image for large version

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