Auntie Flora's New Shop in Portnahaven

When one of the two village stores in Portnahaven closed, no not Alister Redmond's shop annex post office but the other one, there was an opportunity to use the free space for something else. Opposite this former village store lives Flora Hutton, former midwife, or auntie Flora as she is known locally. Auntie Flora decided, with her 70 years old or more, that she was much too young to do nothing all day. I have been told that auntie Flora is a special woman which explains the fact that she started a new business on her age. Her new shop in Portnahaven is named Bo Frois which is gaelic for rainbow. From what Carl Grootjes told me, shop is perhaps not the best description for this new venture. It's true, you can buy sweets and local crafts but more important you can have a pleasant conversation with a good cup of coffee or tea and homebakings, kindly provided by Auntie Flora's neighbours. I have also been told that for the sake of Auntie Flora's nerves, it's better not to come in with a busload of people at once but apart from that it's a wonderful establishment and a great addition for Portnahaven and the visiting tourists. Continue to more images....

Auntie Flora's shop

Three large images are courtesy Carl Grootjes

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