Arts and crafts on Islay

Are traditional craft producers a dying breed on Islay? Once the craft markets boasted potters, knitters, woodworkers, dress makers, traditional medium artists and a variety of other crafts. This variety gave the craft markets a wholesome range of products for the discerning shopper both local and visitors alike. The modern 'Made on Islay' craft group has struggled on through a difficult economic climate with a modern variety of crafts, designer jewellery, photography, card making, knitting. They still have some great local art and a number of local authors exhibiting during the twice weekly summer markets.

As a group they aim to provide an open platform for like minded artists to go along, exhibit their products and get support and guidance if they need it. They claim to provide a cost effective sales outlet for those with time on their hands, or those wanting to establish themselves in the local market. The craft markets provide a great way to test the market, they feel. If you are interested in joining or going along to find out more they will welcome you. To get in touch, telephone Fiona (850237) or Sybil (850146). Woodworkers, potters, traditional craft workers or those with original new styles etc, are all very welcome, they say.

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