Ardnahoe is Starting to Look like a Distillery

A fabulous day today on Islay. Apart from a few nasty showers with hail, snow and rain it was a great day to go out, take some photos, and enjoy the wintry conditions which were mostly visible on the hills as overnight snowfall. We're in the middle of a rather cold spell with daytime temps around 3 Degr and around freezing point at night.

Wintry Conditions Ardnahoe Distillery

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The Paps of Jura already had a dusting of the white stuff yesterday and today was a tad bit more so I headed out early this morning for some fresh photos of the area. The most important goal was to see the progress of Ardnahoe Distillery and it's going really well. As you can see in the photo it's actually starting to look like a distillery. When I parked my car this morning at Ardnahoe the first thing I saw was two Golden Eagles flying overhead, about 20 metres above me. That's an awesome sight, same as the view will be from the distillery once it's finished. It will be a pleasure for the folk to work there and to visit too!

I've also been to Bunnahabhain Distillery and took some photos of the wet snow covered casks. It's always nice to visit this distillery. It might not be the brightest white-washed distillery on the island but it certainly has a lot of character and similar views as Ardnahoe!

Snow on Casks at Bunnahabhain Distillery - Buy Now as canvas or print on

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