Ardbeg's Stellar Explosion

Blog's around the world picked up the vibrations of a stellar peat explosion, triggered by Islay's Ardbeg Distillery. John Hansell from Malt Advocate Magazine wrote about it, same did the Belgian website Whisky Notes, the Whisky magazine Forum and there will be more entries in the next hours and days.

What's happening or happened you might wonder.... It's not peat that has gone off in outer space, it's a new release by Ardbeg called Supernova and it's a peat monster. This is what Ardbeg wrote about it:

Ardbeg Supernova: Count your lucky stars you’re a Committee Member, because here comes another celestial and very limited Committee Bottling: an exclusive test launch in advance of a wider non-Committee release at the end of May. Ardbeg Supernova is peated to an astonishing level of over 100 parts per million, making it the peatiest Ardbeg ever. After the lightly peated pleasures of Blasda, Supernova is a stellar explosion of aroma and flavour – deep earthy peat oils, smoky coal tar, rolling tobacco, camomile, cedar and heather bloom. Hot, sizzling and gristy sensations effervesce on the tongue while pepper pops with chilli and chocolate. Heavenly! Ardbeg Supernova is available to order from 20 January 2009 for £65.

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Spirit of Islay

Thursday, 15 January 2009
Hi Ron , As usual there's been a great excitement at the Release of another New Ardbeg Expression . Mixed thoughts all over the place but what made me laugh was that no one noticed it appear on the site on Monday Night ! I think only myself and the reported it , then it was withdrawn off the site on Tuesday Morning (probably due to the fact it shouldn't have been there !) only to reappear later on the same day . Funny how these other sites didn't report it till later....... :-)
The Moral of this story , keep an eye on the site that is according to The "Malt Whisky Yearbook 2009 is.....
"OK , this is not a new website about whisky . it has been around for some years now but since we for some reason have not mentioned it in previous editions of the Yearbook ( Even Though we visit it regularly ) we list this under this header . Gordon Homer has created the Ultimate site about Whiskies from Islay but there is also much to be learned about the Island itself . His Recurring Column is titled Whiff of Peat Smoke but there is also a forum and Chat room . "
Now i just hope i can get a bottle......

Warehouse No.4 - The Spirit of Islay Forum .


Thursday, 15 January 2009
Hi Gordon, I think most people don't check the Ardbeg website on a daily basis, I know I don't. To be honest, I think you are someone who does and that's one of the (many) reasons why they gave you a great review in the Whisky Yearbook. I think that's very much deserved, your site is a great resource for Islay Whiskies! I think congratulations would be in order? ;-)

I'd rather be on Islay :-)