Ardbeg, Ardbeg and Islay Festival

Do I have a wonderful treat for you today. I have found three videos of Ardbeg and Islay, uploaded today by Tim Puett. Does the name ring a bell already? Tim Puett is the brains behind the Ardbeg Project of whom I wrote about a couple of weeks ago. The videos are top quality and are fragments from the DVD documentary created by the Malt Project. The seven DVD volumes contain information from all, or most of, Scotland's whisky distilleries and of course Islay has a (very) prominent place in several volumes.

The first video is titled "Islay Revisited". The Malt Project revisits Islay in 2008, and this clip features some highlights from their time at Ardbeg. Mickey Heads is now the Distillery Manager, and you will see the familiar face of Jackie Thomson, who has taken the Old Kiln Cafe and Visitor Center to unprecedented heights. Gavin Smith, talks about his book, A Peaty Provenance, that chronicles the history of Ardbeg all the way from 1815, including the revival by the Glenmorangie purchase in 1997, up to the current state under LVMH.

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The second video is titled "Rebuilding Ardbeg". Watch Stuart Thomson and Jackie Thomson as they look back on their first impressions of rebuilding the Ardbeg Distillery back in 1997.

the third video is titled "Feis Ile 2003". This video is from the Islay Malt & Music Festival (Feis Ile 2003), and you will see many recognizable figures, including Richard Paterson, Martine Nouet, Stuart Thomson, Jim McEwan and Clan an Drumma. There is also some nice commentary by Michael Jackson and the unmistakable enthusiasm of Joe Kilna MacKenzie, two icons that will never be forgotten.

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