Ardbeg Kildalton to Support Port Ellen Community

Working with South Islay Development, Ardbeg Distillery and the North Highland Initiative will lead a project to create a new Community Hub in Port Ellen. To help raise funds for this community-based initiative, Ardbeg Distillery is introducing a prestigious limited edition whisky, Ardbeg Kildalton, to go on sale immediately at the Ardbeg Distillery for £120 per bottle. This exciting new project will further support the community of Port Ellen and surrounding area and is another great new project in which the South Islay Development Group is involved.

Ardbeg Kildalton takes its name from the nearby Kildalton Cross; at 1200 years old it is an icon of Islay and Scotland and stands six miles along the coast from the Distillery. Kildalton and Oa is also the name of the ancient parish that includes the Distillery and Port Ellen. With more than 20,000 visitors per year and a passionate following in the Ardbeg Committee, the Distillery plans to involve as many people as possible in the fundraising effort for the Kildalton Project. Continue reading...

Tom Campbell, CEO of The North Highland Initiative, will head the project team working closely with the South Islay Development board. Funds raised from the launch of Ardbeg Kildalton will contribute to the project’s development. The Kildalton Project Team will also begin a fundraising campaign to attract other supporters. David Whiteford, Chair of The North Highland Initiative said: "We are delighted to have The Glenmorangie Company as a new partner and it is exciting to be involved here on Islay as it extends the original scope of the North Highland Initiative and the vision of His Royal Highness in promoting sustainable communities. “The Kildalton Project will bring alive this vision in a vital island community and is the kind of project where we can add support and expertise to already hard working rural community groups."

Jackie Thomson, Chair of South Islay Development, and Visitor Centre Manager at the Ardbeg Distillery commented: "We thank The North Highland Initiative and Ardbeg Distillery for helping us initiate The Kildalton Project; Islay is really ‘on the move’ and South Islay in particular is becoming a dynamic place to visit as a result of the projects we already have underway. “A new Community Hub will be an important piece of the jigsaw in sustaining Port Ellen as a vibrant community.”

For The Glenmorangie Company, Hamish Torrie, Director of Corporate Social Responsibility concluded: "The Kildalton Project is a great illustration of our long term commitment to playing our part in the community of Islay. "We are delighted to have the support and encouragement of His Royal Highness and welcome the NHI team to Islay."

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