Ardbeg Blasda - Sweet with less Peat

A new expression from the Ardbeg Distillery will be available from the 29th of September. The name is Ardbeg Blasda, which is gaelic for sweet and delicious. To promote this new whisky Ardbeg will start a campaign from which the following details became available: "Ardbeg is launching a digital drive to promote its new whisky expression, Blasda. The campaign, created by Story, will target Ardbeg customers to create a buzz around the new drink, Blasda, which means 'sweet and delicious', in Gaelic and is produced on the untamed spirit of Islay. The drive will unveil how Ardbeg produces its whisky and customers will be sent an email, where they can click through to a Blasda microsite to 'dig a bit deeper' about the brand. They will also be encouraged to play a game of 'tipple toppling' and shop online for the sweet light expression of Ardbeg."

Ardbeg has the following information on their website: "We all know Ardbeg packs a peaty punch, but if you remove some of that peat, can Ardbeg still retain its perfect balance? The mind bog-gling answer is "yes"! By taming our usual mighty peating levels we have created Blasda, peated to an average of just 8 parts per million phenol (8ppm) compared to the more usual 24ppm. Blasda is still perfectly balanced, but light, sweet and delicious." If you decide to shop online you can pre-order your bottle of Blasda already, the bottles will be shipped from September 29th.

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Tuesday, 16 September 2008
It seems that this version will be bottled at 40° and will be chill filtered.

Sorry, I won't buy it, there should be no excuse for chill-filtering any Ardbeg !!!


Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Where did you read that it will be chill-filtered Jean-Marc? And if so, do you feel that it would make a really big difference?

If this expression is chill-filtered they must have had a very good reason, considering what they write about the Ardbeg 10 on their online shop: "Ardbeg Ten Years Old is a very special bottling for the Ardbeg distillery as it is the first non-chill filtered whisky in the Ardbeg range." and a bit further down they write: "Ardbeg Ten Years Old is whisky with none of the goodness taken out and as good as straight from the cask."

I'd rather be on Islay :-)


Wednesday, 17 September 2008
I'm afraid it is a try mainly from the marketing department and that people from the distillery, who are doing a great job, did not have the power to refuse it.

I do not understand this, as more distillers and independant bottlers sell their whiskies at 46° and unchillfiltered (Bruichladdich, Springbank, Murray Mc david, Signatory, Cadenhead's, even some Gordon and Macphail's)/