Srón Dubh - Another New Distillery on Islay?

It's hard enough to write a crime novel by yourself but imagine how it would be like if you had to do it together with someone else. Perhaps the fact that identical twins wrote this new novel makes the common writing a bit easier but it remains quite remarkable. The novel I'm talking about is written by Helen and Morna Mulgray, born 1939 in Edinburgh, who took up writing after they retired from teaching English at two neighbouring secondary schools in Edinburgh. Their new book, above suspicion, is the third in a series about DJ Smith, agent for HM Revenue & Customs, and her “sniffer” cat, Gorgonzola.

Whisky and drugs – a lethal combination when a master criminal’s profits are threatened by DJ Smith, agent for Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs, in her undercover role as butler to Sir Thomas Cameron Blaik, wealthy and respected businessman and owner of Srón Dubh distillery on the island of Islay. All DJ has to do is report to HMRC when Moran, a ruthless international drug baron arrives. All her cat Gorgonzola has to do is to sniff out where Moran’s drug consignment is being held. But it’s not as simple as that, for Gorgonzola’s sensitive nose detects something much more sinister than drugs. Those who threaten Moran’s multi million pound master plan are eliminated. Will DJ remain undetected long enough to identify Moran and make her escape? Islay’s famous Kildalton Church, the Singing Sands – and of course the world famous Bruichladdich and Ardbeg whiskies all play their part in the plot.

The book is published by Robert Hale and is available from Amazon and other book stores for £18.99.

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