Annual Beach Clean on Islay

My main reason for starting this blog 7 years ago is to give the (potential) visitors of Islay the latest news and useful background information. This will hopefully give them a better understanding of the island so they can arrive here well prepared which will add to their holiday fun. One part of the holiday fun for many visitors is a visit to Islay's stunningly beautiful and usually immaculately clean beaches. These beaches however aren't always this clean, especially not after a few severe winter storms when the sea returns some of the rubbish people dump in our oceans. That's why there are several initiatives on Islay to clean the beaches at least annually and as you can read in the article below, the schools on the island, and ReJIG play an important role to help keeping them clean and to raise money in the process.

Polly Mather, Beach Ranger, wrote the following article for the Ileach Newspaper: A gang of pupils from Port Ellen Primary School left their classrooms on a lovely bright afternoon to spring clean their adopted beach. They had a fabulous time, made their village look better and raised £171 for their school. Some of the High School pupils venturing off to Venezuela cleaned a part of the Big Strand beach which was littered with fishing creels and rope, half sunk in the sand. A lot of work was done digging these out and picking up other rubbish, and they raised another £221 for their expedition. Continue reading....

Briar Maxwell has been tirelessly working away at the roadsides, pulling all sorts out of the hedges and ditches. She raised £500 for the Islay Lifeboat and is now raising money for the MacMillan Nurses.
The children from the Primary 1/2 and 6/7 classes at Bowmore Primary School paired up to tackle the litter on their adopted beach along from the Battery, and raised £98 for their school.

Bowmore Primary School in pairs

Many of the residents of Port Wemyss and Portnahaven took part in the annual beach clean at Portnahaven beach. This was a great community effort which raised £162.50 for the Islay Lifeboat. Many thanks to those who took part in the beach clean, and also to those who made the pots of tea, sandwiches and cakes for afterwards.

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