American Monument and Oa Panorama

The summer hasn't been all that great to say the least but autumn, or should we say "Indian Summer" has been amazing these last weeks. Days without wind and wall to wall sunshine made us forget the windy and wet summer. Last Saturday we went for the circular route on The Oa to visit the American Monument and to enjoy the breathtaking scenery. Although there were still quite a few tourists on the island, we sat next to the monument enjoying the scenery all by ourselves. Blue skies and the absence of wind made it feel like August rather than October. It was a perfect opportunity to take a couple of panorama pictures, one with a DSLR camera (Canon 6d) and one with a smartphone (iPhone 6). Quite amazing how the two compare. Make sure to click the images to enjoy the full view, please allow some time to download as the files are quite large.

Panorama taken with a Canon 6D DSLR - click image for full panorama

Panorama taken with an iPhone 6 - click image for full panorama

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