The Hebridean Adventure of Bramble and Coultoon

Catherine Wilson and Ruth MacLean wrote another lovely book, a little over one year after their first book about Ailsa the Cat. In this new book, called Bramble and Coultoon, you can read about two ponies travelling the west coast of Scotland. The book was published by Ailsa Press, the small independent publisher from Port Charlotte, Islay. Catherine sent me a copy a couple of weeks ago and it is indeed very nice to read and has lovely colourful images. This book is for children from five up but I'm sure other age-groups can appreciate it just as much. Bramble and Coultoon even made it into the Herald and the book was reviewed by Anne Johnstone:

Two ponies from Islay set off with a tent, a kettle and a bag of peat to see what happens on the other side of Jura. They end up trotting all over the Hebrides, with some help from CalMac and a reincarnated Bonnie Prince Charlie. This quirky story is full of amusing detail. For instance, on the ferry they picnic on hay and chocolate and they make a campfire by enterprisingly striking their hooves against stones. The charming illustrations, made entirely from paper collage, are full of character. This would make a great introduction to the Hebrides for a child going on holiday there.

The adventures of Bramble and Coultoon won't stop with this book. New adventures are planned in the near future and in the meanwhile you can read about them on the Bramble Blog. If you are interested in buying a copy you can do so in various shops on Islay, send Catherine an email at or you can order direct in the Islay Shop.

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