Building the Access Road to Islay House

Most work on Islay House is taking place indoors but some of it is taking place on the outside. In the last days there are works going on to build the main access road to Islay House. You can find the new access roughly between the cattle market and the entrance to Re-Jig. As you can see in the pictures below the wall has been opened up and a path has been made which will eventually give access to the front of Islay House. Doing so, the visitors will be presented with a grand view of the hotel on their arrival. A clever idea if you ask me, as the other access is next to a bend in the road near Islay Car Hire which can lead to dangerous situations. If you want to see it all for yourself, and more, then don't forget to visit the garden party next week, on Friday the 22nd of May. It will start at noon.

The gap in the wall

The view towards the cattle market

Close up of the opening in the wall

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