About Drones RET and March Snow

I want to start this blog post with asking for your help on behalf of Finn Campbell, who's family is originally from Portnahaven. Finn is a final year Human Geography student at Sheffield Hallam University. As part of final year work he is required to undertake in a Dissertation, his topic is "The effect of RET fares on social exclusion on the island of Islay". Finn has created a questionnaire and he kindly asks your cooperation and fill it in online, here. If you have any questions for Finn you can contact him by email.

From RET fares we go to the use of Drones on the island. The folk from Islay Airport have asked me to make you aware, that is if you are an Unmanned Aircraft System enthusiast, of a poster from the Civil Aviation Authority. In the poster you can read more about the safe use of Drones, just to make sure you are aware of the risks and legislation before you "take off". The PDF poster is available here.

That brings me to the last topic of this post. The weather hasn't been all that great in the last weeks but the beautiful white cover of snow we had this morning was a pleasant change in the current weather pattern, although I do believe that many of you long for some higher temperatures and spring sunshine, me included!

Snow cover and the Loch Indaal Lighthouse

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