A83 upgrade at R&BT Should Prevent Future Closures

In the last couple of years the A83 at the Rest and Be Thankful pass was blocked several times due to landslides near Arrochar. The first time was back in October 2007 when a road closure of several weeks followed. In September 2009, when apparently nothing had happened since 2007 to prevent further landslides, the road was closed again for several days due to yet another landslide. Long delays and a 45 mile diversion were the result. Plans were made up to prevent further problems. Today the BBC reports that extensive safety measures will be introduced. A quote from the BBC website:

Sensors will be installed along the A83 at the Rest and be Thankful to monitor the movement of the hillside. Fencing will also be put in around the road to protect the carriageway from falling debris. The £760,000 programme of works will begin in January and is due to be completed by the summer. Debris flow fencing will also be installed to help reduce the risk of future landslide material reaching the roadside. Further works will follow to replace an existing culvert, repair the embankment and resurface the road. These are expected to start by March and last approximately eight weeks. Graham Edmond, Transport Scotland's head of network maintenance, said the work aimed to protect against future landslides. "This is an area that has experienced landslides in recent years," he said. "While we cannot prevent future events we are working closely with our operating company, Scotland Transerv, to deliver mitigation measures that enable us to keep the A83 open as safely as possible." The image shows the top of Rest and Be Thankful pass in the winter.

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