The 2007 Drammies Winners

Kevin Erskine, author of the Scotch Blog, announced the winners of the 2007 drammies today. Everyone could send in their votes by email during the last months and after a count of hundreds of votes, or even thousands, the winners are now presented to the public. It's good to see that the Islay whisky industry is very well represented amongst the winners, did anyone expect otherwise?

There are eight categories which could be voted for and I will summarize the most important (Islay) winners here:

The award for Best Packaging/ Marketing Campaign was won by Orkney distiller Highland Park. Ardbeg Mor and Port Charlotte were 3rd and 4th in this category.

In the category Bang for the Buck, excellent quality for a reasonable price, Laphroaig Quarter Cask received 37% of the votes. An excellent choice and one I voted for as well.

And what distiller did the best job in 2007? It comes as no surprise that Bruichladdich won the title in the Distiller/Blender/Independent Bottler of the Year Category with an overwhelming 49% of the votes.

In the category best new product Ardbeg Distillery won with their new bottling Ardbeg Airigh Nam Beist (the beastie). Glenfarclas was a close second and Port Charlotte PC5 came in third. Continue reading......Dr. Whisky, you probably heard from him, was chosen as Best New Product which is an excellent choice. I am also a very regular reader of his blog and if you don't know him yet I would suggest to visit his blog, it's entertaining and very informative. The book the Legend of Laphroaig was third and collected 20% of the votes.

There also was a special mention, Kevin: "I want to take some time to announce the winner of the special 2007 Drammmie Award for Class. This goes to the Managing Director of a certain Progressive Hebridean Distillery who, like everyone else, submitted his votes. But, in no category in which his distillery or its products were nominated did he vote for them - he instead selected other nominees. As an aside, he did not cast a vote at all in the "Worst Category". To me, that's class." I guess we all know who that is ;-)

For a complete overview of all the winners and categories visit The Dramnmies 2007 Page on Kevin's Blog.

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