10th Anniversary Kilchoman Distillery Islay

Somewhat better weather today at the 7th day of the Islay Festival, especially the afternoon was rather sunny, a big improvement compared to the beginning of the week. Today Kilchoman celebrated their 10th anniversary and it was a nice day with plenty of people around. There were a lot of people from Germany and it seems that Kilchoman whisky is particularly popular over there. On our way to the distillery there were already many folk on their way back, most of them with the special festival bottling (red packaging). The turnover for the distilleries must be incredible this week.

There was a pleasant atmosphere at Kilchoman Distillery today and the musical programme consisted of the Islay Pipe Band, Trail West and Skipinnish. Because a few band members had to leave with the afternoon ferry the two bands Trail West and Skipinnish played together, which was great! I've created a wee video, unfortunately without the Islay Pipe Band, with some impressions and a nice long fragment of music from Trail West and Skipinnish. Enjoy!

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